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PostPosted: 15 Aug 2010, 08:13 
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Hi, my son has a severe behavioural reaction when he eats rapeseed oil. The reaction lasts for up to 10 days on one single exposure. He becomes hyperactive, and aggressive. It is very hard to describe, but since we have cut this out of his diet, on accidentally eating rapeseed oil he does not sleep, cries at night saying he is uncomfortable and is uncontrollable by day. Without the oil he sleeps well and is a normal active 4 year old. It makes food very difficult as vegetable oil is used in everything! He eats all butter croissant or home made bread / cakes. We have found those particular things in the supermarket which use only sunflower oil - far and few of these. We check the back of all packets. We have seen a pediatrician who has agreed that he has does appear to have a reaction to the oil and that we should continue to keep it out of his diet. As I have read on this forum, the oil is supposed to have been refined to remove the protein but there are people who seem to get a reaction, some physical and some behavioural. Eating out is a big no, except Zizzi, which only use olive oil! It is the only place we take him to eat out and feel safe.

The question is - is there anyone else out there who has found the same problem? I have made some contact to people in America who have a reaction, but not in the UK. How do you cope with it? Is it a permanent problem or will he grow out of it? Does anybody else get behavioural reactions to food types?

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2010, 18:09 
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hi aeaston
my son is 5 and he reacts to rapeseed oil through an allergic reaction face swelling ect ect when i brought this up with his consultant i was told he couldnt possibly be allergic to it as they had never heard of anyone being allergic to it he has alot of other allergies too and i know exactly what u mean about having to read labels and how hard it is to find something safe to eat my son lives on fruit veg and pasta. i think in america they are more aware of what can cause allergies than here in the uk my youngest son has multiple allergies too and is on a specialist milk which i feel he is intolerant to as his body reacts in a very unpleasnt way there has been confirmed cases where children cant take this milk in the US as its made mainly of corn syrip which is another allergy that the US recognise yet his dietician swears blind it isnt the milk yet some days thats all he takes and hes worse then
when i eat out i take my own food for both and explain that they have allergies and hardly ever does anyone say anything if they do i just wip out their medication my eldest has an epi pen it scares them lol he has severe behaviour problems when on certain medications but havent noticed with foods if he reacts in this way but i know what u mean about aggressive hyperactive behaviour as he is like that when on his asthma meds
have u tried health food stores to find other things he can have the supermarkets stock quite alot of allergy friendly products now too there is also a toddler range of crisps by organix that my son loves and is made with sunflower oil if thats any use to u
i hope this has been some use to u and its good to hear that u have had it confirmed that ur son has a problem with rapeseed oil as with my son not having it confirmed it makes it difficult for school meals as the consultant wont sign this as a confirmed allergy so school wont accept it on their records
with regards to out growing it he may as he gets older get more controll over his actions and be able to remain calmer than he can at the moment or actually out grow it completly good luck and i hope this has been some help to u

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